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We have finally taken the steps to become a formal canine rescue team! As many of our friends and supporters know Brandon and All Terrain Canine has been taking in dogs for many years and helping them however we can. We work with their behavioral challenges, we nurse them back to health from poor conditions, we give them new life when hope seemed gone.
Despite not having been a formal rescue organization, we have worked hand in hand with numerous organizations to help more than 50 dogs in the last three years! Many of those dogs were surrendered directly to us because groups did not have the resources to take them on. In some other cases we have “acquired” dogs from other organizations that gave up on them. WE DON’T DO THAT. Whether someone else gives up on them, we find them in the woods emaciated and desperate for some love, or we see one in a shelter that needs out, we are there for them.

All Terrain Canine currently has 3 dogs in our foster and train program who are represented by rescue groups that have stuck it out while searching for homes for these special needs animals. We are proud to work with such dedicated organizations!

In addition to those dogs we have another 5 dogs with no representation or outside financial support. 2 of those 5 dogs are in sanctuary care with us and aren’t suitable for standard adoption. One being a former bait dog and the other is low content wolf hybrid that is almost completely feral. We work diligently and tirelessly to provide them with a better quality of life. We have been there with them through thick and thin and we will continue to be there for them for life.

To accomplish our goals, we are partnering with another rescue for fiscal sponsorship allowing us to share their non-profit status til our own is approved and established. This means all support from our friends, allies, and community will be tax deductible!

We will be a voice for the voiceless! A shield for the defenseless! The sword that fights the injustice they suffer! And we will be the light that gives them warmth and shines hope into their hearts.

We hope you will join us and support our mission.



Canine Rescue
This is Stella! She’s the most recent dog to join us. Stella is a 7 month old Siberian Husky. She was scooped at about 9 weeks old from an irresponsible breeder who was not taking proper care of the pups.

She went to a family where she had trouble bonding with the adult humans in the family and displayed some behavioral challenges. Her owners later came to realize that their lives were not suited for a dog like her.

That’s where we came in. Stella was living in the Tampa area but couldn’t find a rescue that would take her given her behavior history. I stumbled on a post in a FB group and offered to be assistance by giving guidance and at worst care coordinating with a rescue for her to be fostered. Finding a foster that had space and was able to work with her was difficult. Ultimately we decided it would be best if she just came to All Terrain Canine to be thoroughly evaluated. And transitioned to foster at a later date.

Stella is exceeding expectations and quickly adjusting. She is absorbing the training we have done like a sponge and is anxious to learn more. No behavior issues have presented themselves and we expect her to be cleared for adoption applications in the next couple weeks. We are coordinating with with our friends at another local rescue to get her fully vetted, spayed, and microchipped.

We hope you follow Stella’s journey and check back often for updates!

If you feel inclined to support our efforts donations are welcome and they are tax deductible.

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